Patient survey

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Executive summary

The aim of this survey was to understand if the programme met its core aim (to keep those clinically vulnerable safe at home) and provide insight into programme improvement.

For those patients surveyed (n=548) in July to August 2020 they felt that the programme:
  • Met their basic needs (84%)
  • Allowed them to ‘stay at home’ (92%) and ‘stay safe’ (93%)
  • Was ‘very important’ to them (85%)
  • Appears to be a protective factor for wellbeing – particularly, for reducing anxiety levels (3.7 vs 4.4 on the ONS personal wellbeing questions)
Patients had overwhelming praise volunteers; 55% referenced volunteers as the thing they liked most. 20% of patients also provided some helpful insight into programme improvements (e.g. reducing multiple calls, tasks not completed) and further additions to the service (e.g. more bespoke service, etc).

Download NHS Volunteer Responders Working Paper One  - Patient Findings

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