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Stronger together

Royal Voluntary Service works in partnership and coalition with other charities. Together we share skills and expertise and maximise the impact we can achieve.

Shaping the Future with Volunteering

A group of 26 of the country’s leading volunteer involving charities, have launched their shared commitment to support all communities across the UK to be dynamic and welcoming places for volunteering.

Accelerating Innovation in Social Prescribing

Accelerating Innovation in Social Prescribing has been launched to help national voluntary organisations from across multiple sectors particularly financial wellbeing, arts, nature and physical activity to work together alongside local communities to increase the scale and impact of social prescribing activities.

The programme is led by the National Academy for Social Prescribing, Royal Voluntary Service and NHS England and NHS Improvement in partnership with others.

The Voluntary and Community Sector Emergencies Partnership

The Emergencies Partnership is a collective of organisations with the shared aim to improve the timeliness, quality and relevance of support to those who most need it in an emergency.

This partnership connects 30 national organisations and over 200 local organisations in this shared endeavour. Every partner provides valuable insight and contributions to the partnership, no matter the size or capacity.