WRVS Association

The WRVS Association began life in March 1973 when a meeting was held to discuss the creation of an association which would provide a friendly link between both present and past members of the charity. This association would ensure that ex-members continued to be supported and kept informed of the charity’s current work.

From the initial meeting held in March 1973 the Association was born, developing into a nationwide scheme. In order to be eligible for membership you must have served a minimum of 5 years with the charity. Once a member you would receive regular updates via a Newsletter and through the use of Divisional Representatives, would be invited to lots of organised events in your local area, such as day trips to the theatre and meals out.

From the 25 members at the first annual meeting the Association continued to grow, during its 40 year life it had seen over 10,000 members. Reunions and Annual General Meetings were held each year, and would be a great occasion to get members together over a weekend away, to catch up and reminiscence with friends.

The Association continued to function as a source of support until it disbanded on the 3rd July 2013. Although this was a sad day for Association members, an end of an era, here at the archive we have been able to preserve the Associations records, allowing us to continue to tell its story. My role over the next six months will be to appraise, organise, repackage and catalogue this valuable collection. I will remove countless staples and repackage hundreds of records, all to ensure that we preserve the history of the Association forever.

So far in my first week I have been able to delve into the boxes and discover many a treasure, from a knitted WVS doll and a wooden gavel block presented by Helena Foster (Chairman 1983-1986) to keep order during those enthusiastic Annual General Meetings. I am sure that whilst I continue to sort through the boxes I will un-earth many other great finds….. I will have to keep you updated!

Posted by Hannah Tinkler at 09:00 Monday, 13 October 2014.

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