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The days here at the archive are so varied. As volunteers, we get the opportunity to work on and explore so many aspects of the work of the charity; especially since the enquiry service opened in January 2013.

This has enabled anyone who is interested in exploring the rich history of WVS/WRVS to ask questions; giving us the opportunity to delve into the boxes and files and discover so much about the organisation, its history and its dedicated volunteers.

In the last year and a half we have received over 350 enquiries asking us to provide information on subjects ranging from family history to helping with local events and media projects.

We’ve provided uniforms for the BBC’s 'Call the Midwife' Christmas special; helped a local museum research and re-produce some camouflage netting (a task which WVS volunteers would have undertaken during the Second World War).

We were also able to locate the membership card of a member who volunteered during the Second World War, providing her family with a better understanding of her valuable work as a volunteer (Probably a 1 in 1,000 chance!)

One enquiry I particularly enjoyed researching was finding material for a lady who wanted to throw a party to celebrate a volunteer who had provided over 50 years of service for Books on Wheels. I was able to find narrative reports, posters, leaflets and even a car card which will be used to create a display - a lovely way for the volunteer to reminisce about her time with the charity.

So why not ask a question and find out what we can uncover for you?

Posted by Hannah Tinkler at 00:00 Monday, 04 August 2014.

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