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The Faithfulness of the Many

Our founder Lady Reading was, to be blunt, a force of nature, who could be both the kindest and the fiercest person one could know. To her friends she was charming, delightful and funny, to her enemies she was to be feared. She was always insightful and rarely tolerant of fools and bureaucracy. Our collection has thousands of her letters and writings all preserved for posterity, mostly as copy letters, which simply bear her squiggle of approval in blue fountain pen.

One of the volunteers came across one such letter of frustration this morning from 1967 and I thought I would share it with you (suitably anonymised).

“I am full of righteous indignation and do feel that it is maddening in the way everything is always stymied by someone inventing some reason why it can’t be done, except their own way. I can’t tell you how many letters I have written, … but each one passes the buck to the next one in such a sanctimonious way that I could shake them all.”

When Lady Reading became the first women to take her seat in the House of Lords as Baroness Swanborough her coat of arms bore the motto

“Not why we can’t but how we can”

She was also extremely modest about her contribution, saying that it was the million women members, and not her that did all the work. Without her leadership and stubborn determination the WVS would certainly not have existed or prospered for so long; but she was right, that the heart and strength of WVS was not individuals or personalities, but the collective often anonymous work of ordinary women.

“WVS was made, not by the genius of the one, but by the faithfulness of the many.”

There are only 24 hours until our Kickstarter project finishes, and through the faithfulness of almost 700 people and a 'how we can' attitude we have reached and surpassed our target of £25,000. We are going to be able to bring into the light the first three years of the WVS’s hidden history from 1938-1941 and with an extra push we can make even more available.

If you haven’t pledged already please join in, for every pound we raise we can bring another page to light.

Posted by Matthew McMurray - Royal Voluntary Service Archivist at 00:00 Monday, 06 June 2016.

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