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Reports from everywhere - October 1964

Help from the young
The very ancient town of Stirling - the gateway to the Highlands - is renewing its youth with the coming of the New University. The youth of the town are alive and energetic and when a notice was put up in the high school for volunteers to help with meals on wheels during the holidays over 40 girls offered to help. These Jolly youngsters distributed all the meals to the very appreciative old people. Through this holiday task many have become interested in WVS work for the future.

WVS cater for Old Contemptibles’
At the beginning of August, Teignmouth WVS were asked by the secretary of the Old Contemptibles’ Association if they would cater for the tea for them after the Jubilee Service and Parade held on August 9th. … WVS gladly undertook this task and catered for the men, their wives and friends – in all over 150 people – The kindly service received and the excellent food provided was greatly appreciated.

Her ‘show’
An old lady, wheeled into a fete at Hadleigh by a WVS member, asked to spend the afternoon sitting in the crèche run by WVS and seemed to enjoy every minute.

Fields and trees
Apart from the usual requests for spare-a-mile to keep hospital and dental appointments, Wallasey WVS had a request to take an old lady of 97 years of age for a run in the country. She was most anxious to see green fields and trees, having lived for a very long time almost on the promenade at New Brighton and the urge to see the country again overcame her. Our member who took the old lady reported that the outing was a huge success: she took her round the Wirral and then to her home for tea. The old lady was very thrilled and said it was a day to be long remembered. They hope to repeat the excursion.

Posted by Matthew McMurray at 09:00 Monday, 27 October 2014.

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