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WVS and the Queen's Dock, Glasgow.

If you have been watching the Commonwealth Games coverage on the television then you will probably know that the games park is built on part of the old Queen’s Dock. Built in the 1870s the docks went into decline in the latter part of the 20th century and were filled in with rubble in 1977. During the Second World War they were a vital part of the War effort receiving supplies from across the Empire to fuel our fighting forces.

As part of our work in Glasgow through the war we ran several Mobile canteens in the city, some of which served the docks. The Queen’s Dock was one of these.

In the Archive we have the Glasgow mobile canteen day book which lists the daily trials and tribulations of the canteens on their daily rounds. Below are just a few of the entries about the Queen’s Dock.

12 November 1941: “Queen’s Dock complain about shortage of Soup Spoons. Say only 4 on Canteen. Have supplied with 1 doz from drawer”.

24 November 1941: “Tel. message from Queen’s Dock saying they were short of food and could they have more Pies & Sausage Rolls and teabread. Phoned Princes dock to see if they had any food to spare but they were just getting busy & thought their food would all be required. Phoned Reids and they will be able to give us 14 pies, 2 to 3 doz Sandwich rolls & extra tea-bread. Mrs Brunton, driver of the Queen’s Dock Canteen calling for it”.

25 October 1942: “Queen’s Dock were practically sold out by 12 o’clock owing to great number of troops – brought loaves & took down jam & marg from office – Phoned Mrs Stephenson & asked if we could take 12 doz Cakes ordered for Parade and give them Biscuits instead – She initially Agreed & at parade Lady Dollan said that Biscuits were quite sufficient.”

Posted by Matthew McMurray at 00:00 Monday, 28 July 2014.

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