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WVS Golfing Society

With the win of the European Ryder Cup team lifting our collective spirits this weekend, it made me think of the WVS Golfing Society.

While not on par with Messers McIlroy and Poulter, the ladies of WVS were keen golfers forming their own society and holding their first event on 17 May 1949 at the Moor Park Golf Club, near Rickmansworth in Hertfordshire. The winners of the Regional Challenge cup on that occasion were Region III (which included Notts, Lincs, Northampton, Leics, Rutland and Derbs). The winning team are pictured in the photograph and were. Mrs Garrett, Mrs Roe, Lady Earle, Mrs Street, Mrs Glover and Mrs Daglish.

The society continued to have yearly competition meetings and by the late 1960s also held spring autumn and winter competitions in 1970 these were at the Swinley Golf Club and Berkhamstead Golf Club. There were also regional WRVS golf societies being formed, the first was in the South East organised by the Tunbridge Wells centre.

After 1970 the trail goes cold, but like the WRVS Lawn tennis Club, it seems to have continued well into the 1990s. WRVS even held a golf day as a fundraiser in 2006 at the Belfry, which was rained off by torrential weather and had to be replayed two months later. Thankfully the 2007 golf day was much less dramatic.

Posted by Matthew McMurray at 00:00 Monday, 29 September 2014.

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