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Spinach and Beet - Part 20

This Month’s Diary of Centre Organiser comes from October 1951


Wondered why the membership of an exceedingly small “Darby & Joan” Club had risen so remarkably recently, and called in at the newly-arranged hour of 7.30 pm to find out why. The room was packed—and there were more “Darbies” present than in any of our other Clubs. "It’s because we meet in the evenings,” the Club Leader explained. “The ‘Darbies’ promised to come if we changed our time, and they’ve kept their word.” Must pass this suggestion on to other Clubs.


Our International Club grows apace, and some of our members are taking evening classes in French in order to be more helpful at it. Conversation overheard in the ’bus this afternoon: Small girl: “Mummy, what is the French for ‘No’ ? W.V.S. Member (in strong, anglicised accents): “Nong.” Small girl: “Oh, I see. ‘No’ with NG added on!”


A farmer has frequently helped our “Meals on Wheels” service by gifts of vegetables. To-day he brought a basket containing, he said, “Cackleberries.’Two thoughts flashed through my mind: “I love these old country names for things,” and “I wonder if they’re awfully sour and will need a lot of sugar?” The basket, however, contained six dozen EGGS. “Here are your cackleberries,” the farmer exclaimed jovially, and roared with laughter as our appreciation of his joke slowly dawned upon us!

Recipe - Potato Meat Pie

1/2 pound cold meat.
2 cups milk.
1 pound mashed potatoes.
1/2 pound sliced tomatoes.
4 tablespoonsful flour.

1 tablespoonful butter or margarine.

Cut the meat in thin slices and lay in bottom of baking dish. Place sliced tomatoes on top of meat. Over this pour a sauce made of butter, flour, and milk. Finish with a top crust of mashed potatoes and bake.

Posted by Matthew McMurray, Archivist at 09:00 Monday, 15 August 2016.

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