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Reports from Everywhere - May 1965

This weeks Reports from Everywhere features just a single report from May 1965.  It is a typical story of the help the WVS gave and continue to give on a daily basis. 

Lost and Found

There had been no WVS programme and no meeting on that afternoon, when the Area Organiser at Ellon, Aberdeenshire, driving home, noticed an elderly woman walking, or rather tottering towards the city. Feeling that it was better to risk a snub than to ignore someone in distress she turned her car and went back.

The woman, more than glad to step into the car, said that she was lost but had a vague idea of where she lived. She seemed hazy and bewildered. The Area Organiser decided that it would be best to go straight to Police Headquarters and ask for advice. They had no report there of anyone of that description missing but suggested that they follow at a discreet distance while our member took the old lady to the address she had given.

Getting no reply at the door, the member rang the bell at a neighbouring house where she found the old lady’s gardener wondering what ought to be done as he had taken her to the bank in the morning, moved away to turn the car and come back to find she had disappeared. She must have been walking for hours.

The gardener opened the door of the old lady’s house to reveal a sadly neglected and unkempt place. Having suffered two very bad shocks some time before - finding her husband dead in the garden and having her maid killed in a car crash - her health had deteriorated until she was unfit to cope with life.

After requesting that they keep her informed of the old lady’s welfare, the member left the old lady in the care of the police, and was very surprised and delighted when on hospital duty the following week, to find her tucked up cosily in bed in a lovely large bright ward where she is now undergoing treatment for complete exhaustion.

The police were tremendously impressed by the care taken of an entirely unknown person, and very grateful for the co-operation as well as interested in our concern, not realising that this was simply the way in which WVS expects to be of help.

Posted by Matthew McMurray at 00:00 Monday, 18 May 2015.

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