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Reports from everywhere - July 1946

Welwyn Garden City WVS were called in by the SSAFA Secretary to help with clothing for a GI bride with a child of two, sailing at very short notice, whose husband had sent her no cash for expenses.

Kingsbridge RA, Devon, are in close touch with housing progress in their area, as three WVS members are on the Rural District Council and four are co-opted on the Housing and Public Health Committees.

Keynsham UD WVS, Somerset, have been running an infant welfare centre continuously since 1939, the administration in the hands of WVS, and doctors and district nurse acting in an advisory capacity.

Bristol WVS are taking a large part in the work of welfare clinics and the hospitals, are giving useful help and advice in rehabilitation cases, assisting with broadcasts on diphtheria immunisation, reading to the blind, minding children whilst their parents are out and preparing materials and teaching embroidery to the wounded in hospital.

Portsmouth CB WVS were asked by the Naval Welfare Department and by SSAFA to undertake all their accommodation problems, which has kept them very busy. The return of ships from the Far East has also meant that relatives from all parts of the country have been writing asking for WVS help in booking accommodation for them.

Burgess Hill’s 25 Dutch children are now back in Holland, and WVS are receiving glowing accounts from their parents of the change in the children and the benefits they have received from their stay in England. Firm friendships have been formed and warm invitations received for the hostesses and their children to visit Holland later on.

Bishops Stortford WVS have made 58 Hospital Car Service journeys during the month for regular treatment cases, and have also been driving at the request of the Herts County Medical Department. From their “mixed bag” of enquiries come the following : The vicar sought a convalescent home for one of his parishioners ; a dentist required rooms for his nurse receptionist ; and a grandmother asked for the loan of a cot as her grandchild was coming on a short visit.

Posted by Matthew McMurray, Royal Voluntary Service Archivist at 09:00 Monday, 20 July 2015.

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