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News Flashes April 1949

Stories from all over the country reported in the WVS Bulletin April 1949 

ASHTON UNDER LYNE - When in trouble, ask a Policeman to ask W.V.S! A woman motorist was travelling from Wales to York in a snowstorm. On arriving at Ashton she was told not to proceed - the Pennines were blocked. She went to a Police Officer to try and find a room in a hotel but in vain. She then asked, "Is there a W.V.S. Centre here?" Result. The lady was housed and a garage found for her car.

BARKING - Swiss furniture has been given to a young couple who were burnt out of their pre-fab. They have three children under three. Four W.V.S. members together with four Darby and Joan’s gave a very good concert to the Club which was much enjoyed.

BRENTFORD AND CHISWICK - Demonstrations, when required, are being given on briquette making, for fuel economy. Co-operation with Hospital Almoner. Members have visited the cases brought to this Centre's attention by the Almoner, helping in various ways from providing spoons, plates, etc, to just paying social visits.

BRIGHTON - The trolley-shops are much appreciated at West House and Ovingdean and it is hoped W.V.S. are saving the staff trouble over complicated shopping lists. Special orders are now "featured" - clothing of all descriptions is required and much help received from the shops who give W.V.S. a small selection to take along.

CHINGFORD - A driver devised a wonderful idea to keep the meals hot. She lined orange boxes with newspapers, then covered the inside and outside of the boxes with old woollen cloth, from worn clothing, and put rope handles on the outside, to ensure safe handling. On first expedition with these boxes was asked "Where is the baby?" as they looked like baby carrier cots ! Each box holds about eight dinners.

EXMOUTH URBAN - First Darby and Joan Club in Devon opened on February 1st, 1949, and 28 appreciative folk spent a happy afternoon at whist, draughts, dominoes and jigsaw puzzles. Later the club, is to be officially opened by the Chairman of the Exmouth Urban District Council.

LAMBET - A short while ago recommended one of the old Club members as a Sitter-In. The experiment has proved very successful and the old lady has, in addition, taken over the family's sock mending. She hopes shortly to get her employer to come and help us !

LUTON - Were asked by the Army Cadet Force if some W.V.S. members would help with collections at two of the local cinemas. Many W.V.S. helped and a letter of thanks has been received from the Luton Committee of the Bedfordshire Army Cadet Force.

MALVERN - W.V.S. Luncheon Club is held once a month in the ballroom of the Great Malvern Winter Gardens, and has caught on in an astonishing way, being one of the most talked of ventures in the Malverns.

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