Spinach and Beet - Part 1

Here at the archive we are busy digitising copies of the WVS Bulletin, the organisation’s newsletter for volunteers between 1938-1974. Occasionally as the scanned pages flash before our eyes we pick up on some amusing, interesting or just charming stories which have been published in its pages over the years. In a series of blog posts over the coming months we thought we’d share some of them with you, and perhaps even some recipes! heritage bulletin

The following is an extract from the “Spinach and Beet” column, the diary of a Centre Organiser, from March 1951:


The Knitting Party has behaved rather mysteriously since Christmas, and I have noticed (although pretending not to) that work has been covered up hastily on my approach. This afternoon, however, I was invited to view " A Special Display " : and I advanced towards the laid-out garments with eager anticipation. For a few moments I was at a complete loss for words. Before me lay a boy's jersey which had only one arm; there were two socks made of the same coloured wool, but one was four times larger than the other; there was a " pair " of gloves, the right hand of which had only three fingers . What had the usually superefficient Knitting Party been up to? " They're for the Cripples' Home," Miss MacFee prompted me in a whisper. "Garments made to measure." "The children are thrilled at the idea," another member told me after I had congratulated the workers on their skill. "Ready-made clothes are of little use to some of them-and they are feeling so important at being measured and at having something made especially for them."

Recipe - from the WVS Bulletin April 1944

Chinese Omelette

Ingredients : 3 oz. finely chopped American luncheon meat sausage meat, 2 oz. raw carrot or parsnip, 2 reconstituted dried eggs, 1 oz. finely chopped chicory, 1 small minced onion. Salt and pepper to taste.

Method : Mix the ingredients and drop in spoonfuls into hot fat. Fry until brown on both sides. Serve with boiled rice and thick brown gravy.

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