Reports from Everywhere - September 1944

Continuing our monthly series, here are some reports from WVS centres 70 years ago this month.

A Falconwood member, acting as train escort during the evacuation, took a Punch and Judy Show with her and gave entertainments during the journey.

Poulton-le-Fylde supply knitting for the Forces to a surgery of one of the doctors, and are delighted with the amount done by the waiting patients.

An Acton member escorted three children to Wales and returned the same day. She said she had not been able to sit still for so long and hoped next time she would be asked to go to Scotland !

W.A.A.F. welfare work is becoming an Elstree speciality : there have been two more weddings, both Colonial, so W.V.S. made all the necessary arrangements as there were no relatives available.

Sandy came to the rescue of a violinist whose E string broke just before an Army concert. There was no music shop in the town, so the W.V.S. Office was appealed to, and in ten minutes an E string was located.

A military hospital is making toys for Birmingham day nurseries, and some of the men have visited one nursery, stayed for tea and repaired broken toys on the spot. A supply of extra nuts, bolts, wheels, etc., are now kept on the premises in readiness for these visits.

In one village in the Uckfield R.D. W.V.S. was asked to produce an eight- week-old baby girl so that an officer, who had just heard he had a daughter of that age, could see what she looked like. The baby was duly found and the officer introduced to her.

About a year ago one of the children at a Perthshire Evacuation Hostel wrote to a donor of an Afghan quilt in Canada, and ever since the child has been receiving letters from the Canadian family. Now the father of the family, an airman, has arrived in Scotland and is to visit the hostel to see his family‚Äôs pen-friend for himself.

Posted by Matthew McMurray at 00:00 Monday, 22 September 2014.

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