Reports from Everywhere - August 1954

Continuing our monthly series, here are some reports from WVS centers 60 years ago this month.

Sevenoaks RD A member was horrified to find a mother of four utterly work out. The eldest child, epileptic, was uncontrollable. After representations to the authorities by WVS the child was removed and the mother had a holiday while the County Council took charge of the others. Now she is a different woman.

Worthing B Two WVS husbands gave up a Saturday to packing, moving and stacking about a ton of clothing, and our local NSPCC inspector offered voluntarily to give up a day to help us when we move premises.

Leeds A member attending training at Headquarters stayed with her wartime evacuee in Bromley – An example of a happy outcome of successful evacuation. She remembers how she came to accept her evacuees and helped them in many different kinds of trouble.

Epsom & Ewell Work in hospitals continues successfully. One Sister said, “You can make the old men do much more than we can. What is it you have that we haven’t?” We want to guard against patients becoming tired of doing the same things, and a new member, a handicraft expert, has promised to show our workers several new “Occupations”.

Haltemprice (North) Efforts were unsuccessful in finding a job for a young man handicapped by a deformed arm and little education, so a WVS member is instructing him in English and arithmetic for one-hour every evening. 

Marple The police telephoned to ask if we could equip a family of four with clothes, their wooden bungalow having been burnt out the previous evening and nothing saved. We contacted Houldsworth Street, Manchester, immediately and asked a member to run into town. She was back at 12:30, besides the clothing there were blankets and linen – all much appreciated.

Posted by Matthew Mcmurray at 09:00 Monday, 25 August 2014.

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