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It’s been an exciting few weeks here at the Archive after launching our Kickstarter Campaign on VE Day at the beginning of May.

The Campaign ended on Tuesday 8th June with a final total of £27,724, which means we have exceeded our goal and can digitise an extra 2,724. We’ll be able to reveal even more stories of the million women who volunteered for WVS during the war including this one from June 1941.

Doncaster, Yorkshire

The first Communal feeding centre in Doncaster was opened on Wednesday June 4th. The WVS supply the staff in the kitchen, 1800 meals are served per 6 day week.

We have been asked to supply drivers for the conveying of the food from the place where it is prepared to the centre.

And this one from August 1942

Wing Rural District, Buckinghamshire

Meat Pie Scheme. For Agricultural Workers

This is our latest activity. We started in Ivinghoe on May 12 1942 and in June and July made 2179 pies at 4d each. We have paid the Ministry of food 1/2d on each pie, i.e. £4.0.91/2.

The 12 workers 6 on Tuesday and 6 on Thursday, Cooks and Kitchen hands come at 9am each day and the whole thing runs like clockwork. What we badly need and have tried to get through the County Inspector of Pies is a mincing machine that can be screwed to the table. She tells me that all mincers go to School Canteens.

Next steps

Over the next few weeks Kickstarter will be gathering the pledges made to the Hidden Histories of a million wartime women so that we can start to digitise these amazing diaries in September. Thank you to everyone who has supported the project, helping to bring the stories of a million wartime women to life. So watch this space for more updates on the Hidden histories of a million wartime women.

Posted by Jennifer Hunt, Deputy Archivist at 09:00 Monday, 13 June 2016.

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