Voices of volunteering

Maureen Jones Voices of Volunteering: 75 years of citizenship and service was a pioneering oral history project bringing the voices of WVS, WRVS and Royal Voluntary Service volunteers to life. Generously funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, over two years 80 oral histories were professionally gathered from our past and present volunteers from every part of Britain; stories told in their own voices and own words, of their contribution to the largest voluntary organisation in British history.

The volunteers who told their stories came from all walks of life and worked, and continue to work, to help deliver services such as Books on Wheels, Good Neighbours, hospital shops or Services Welfare, at all levels, from the 1940s through to the present day.

The project to collect these significant stories concluded in March 2016 and you can listen to over 60 of these professionally gathered oral histories in our Archive Online. Visit our Archive Online and type ‘Voices of Volunteering’ into the search box to see what's available.

Some of the stories collected as part of the project were used to create our online schools resources, designed to assist in teaching the value of volunteering to secondary school students as part of the Citizenship elements of the National Curriculum. These resources can be found online at Voices of Volunteering: 75 years of citizenship and service.

Photo caption: In June 2014 Maureen Jones shared her stories of 45 years of helping with Meals on Wheels all over southern England and South Wales.

Heritage Lottery funded