True to its roots

2013 – today

True to our roots
In 2013, our 75th anniversary year, WRVS took the step to change its name. It became Royal Voluntary Service and reinvigorated its endeavour to be true to its roots and Lady Reading’s vision while pioneering the future. The power of volunteering has always been the core of its purpose and as society changes volunteers are needed more than ever.

Today our volunteers do the simple things which make a big difference. Helping on wards and serving refreshments in busy NHS hospitals, supporting older people just home from an operation, running lunch clubs and social activities to help older people stay active and fend off loneliness.

These simple acts of kindness don't just make life better for the individuals they touch. When added together they make communities stronger and help relieve the pressure on outstretched public services.

Our core purpose is to inspire and enable people to give the gift of voluntary service to meet the needs of the day.

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