The war

1939 - 1945

The warThe greatest strength of W.V.S. during wartime was getting women to contribute by mobilising their skills. The provision of food and drink, especially tea, became the W.V.S.’s signature, whether it came from a mobile canteen or a railway station stall it provided comfort to those who needed it. W.V.S. were also involved in providing so many other services. From knitting and providing clothing to weaving camouflage nets and collecting salvage, the W.V.S. were there throughout the war as a constant source of support and comfort during such a trying time in history.

During the war the members of the W.V.S. were awarded five George Medals and numerous other awards for bravery. Tragically, two hundred and forty five members from all parts of the country died as a result of enemy action. They, like the soldiers who were fighting to liberate Europe, made the ultimate sacrifice of war.

"We believe we belong to the finest country in the world. We also know that we must pay for everything we have. Surely we should pay for our citizenship by voluntary service?"

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