The threat of nuclear war

1950 – 1960

The threat of nuclear war
The end of the Second World War had not brought the hoped for certainty and stability. A new threat was developing: nuclear war.

During 1949 W.V.S. formed the Welfare Section of the newly created Civil Defence Corps, their role to provide food and comfort on a much grander scale to that of the Second World War. W.V.S. members joined the Ministry of Food’s ‘Food Flying Squads’, forming convoys of vehicles which could feed five thousand people at a time. The One in Five Scheme gave talks to women telling them how to cope and protect their families in the event of a nuclear strike. The scheme ran up until the end of the Cold War.

In 1966 the Queen honoured the W.V.S. by adding Royal to their title. WRVS was born and a new chapter in the history of the organisation began.

"If the things we want for posterity are to be handed on, we must once more face the unpleasant truths and be determinedly prepared to resist attack on those things we hold dear."

Lady Reading

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