Purple and orange

2004 – 2012

Purple and Orange
This new age though, brought its own new challenges to WRVS. Sweeping changes to the way local councils operated and a shake-up of the NHS, meant that commissioned services like Meals on Wheels were becoming harder to win. Our shops, cafés and tea bars, once commonplace in every hospital in the country, were being lost to commercial rivals.

This is the decade where competition in the charity sector really took hold and WRVS found itself in an ever more crowded marketplace and in the depths of a national economic crisis. WRVS had to be smarter, cleverer and more pro-active than ever before, putting older people firmly at the centre of what it did. Getting a presence back into the community was a major step, when in 2012 it opened 67 Hubs, centres in local communities, which brought all of our services together and formed a focus for volunteers.

"WRVS has only ever been motivated by one desire - to do what we can to help our local communities remain strong. That was the source of our foundation in 1938 and is still what drives us today."

David McCullough, Chief Executive 2013



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