Just getting on with it


Getting on with it
Through the 1980s WRVS continued to get on with the Job at hand. They were always ready to pilot a new project such as ‘Granny Holidays’ a variation on the children’s holiday scheme which gave the elderly a holiday, accompanied by a hostess, or help out where needed. In April 1986 Buckingham Palace asked for help from WRVS to respond to well wishers who had sent the Queen cards for her 60th birthday. It took a team of eight volunteers three weeks to complete.

WRVS were also involved in helping the Great Britain Winter Olympics team sew 150 team badges onto their team anoraks, taking them a week.

These examples of varied work highlight just how much the WRVS as an organisation could be relied upon; no matter what the task there were volunteers ready to take up the challenge.

But WRVS’ influence was waning and competition from newly professionalised and dynamic charities was growing and regulation was making it more difficult to do jobs that WRVS had been undertaking for decades.

"WRVS from the earliest days of the war became and has remained part of the weft and warp of the tapestry of the social history of our times. - Admired - Oh yes. Taken for granted? - of course."

Mary Soames (nee Churchill) 1988


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