Wayne Sleep OBE

Wayne SleepWayne Sleep has been an ambassador for Royal Voluntary Service since May 2016, after supporting us with our second GrandFest event in SpitalFields, London.

Best known as a choreographer and dancer, Wayne most recently appeared in The Real Marigold Hotel where he, along with other celebrities, went to India to experience life as an older person.

"I am proud to be an Ambassador for Royal Voluntary Service. My late mother, Joan Sleep, was a stalwart of the WVS as it used to be known and it played a big part in her life, so I feel I’m continuing family tradition by lending my support to the charity today. I’m a firm believer in staying active as you grow older - I certainly have no intention of stopping or slowing down - so I fully support Royal Voluntary Service’ focus on helping older people participate and get the best out of life."

Wayne will continue to support GrandFest 2016 by performing at the event.


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