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It is hardly news that there is pressure on our healthcare system. Yet 2.7 million hospital bed days are accounted for by older people who are no longer in need of acute treatment, while readmissions are rising too. This is why the right support on the ward and back at home is crucial, and can make all the difference to recovery and re-establishing confidence.

Dementia-friendly On Ward support

Our targeted activities, provided in a dementia-sensitive way, can aid recovery or slow further decline of physical or cognitive function. The aim is to reduce readmission rates and reduce or delay the need for a higher level of care.

Home from Hospital service

Practical and social support for those returning home after illness, surgery or accident for up to eight weeks. This service shows how the right help at the right time results in improved health and wellbeing, with substantially reduced readmissions.

Talk to us

We're always happy to share our experiences and discuss new ways we could work together in partnership in the NHS and in the community.