Gift Aid

Gift Aid makes every £1 you donate worth 25p more – and it doesn’t cost you a penny!

It’s very easy and only takes a moment, so please make a Gift Aid Declaration now.

What is Gift Aid?

Gift Aid is the name of a special scheme managed by HM Revenue and Customs to benefit registered charities. It means that if you are a taxpayer, you can tell the government to “top up” every donation you make with the amount of basic rate tax that you have paid on your gift.

It costs you nothing and all you have to do is fill in this simple Gift Aid declaration form by clicking the button below.

Gift Aid form

Gift Aid is available to every UK taxpayer as long as the amount you pay in Capital Gains or Income tax is greater than the amount that we will reclaim in any tax year.

I’m a pensioner – can I Gift Aid?

Gift Aid does not depend on your age or whether you are a pensioner, it is just about whether you are a taxpayer. If you only have a state pension, you may well not be a taxpayer, in which case Gift Aid is not for you. But if you have additional income, perhaps from a private pension, or from your savings, you may well be paying some tax

I’m not sure if I’m a taxpayer, can I Gift Aid?

There are a few different ways to find out if you are a taxpayer.

You could have a look at your bank or building society statements – are they deducting tax on the interest you are paid? Does your payslip or pension notification show that tax is being paid? Or you could just ask HMRC

I support lots of charities, can I Gift Aid to all of them?

You can Gift Aid to as many charities as you like... but you do need to make a separate Gift Aid declaration for each of the charities you wish to support in this way.

I’ve only given a few pounds, does it really matter if I Gift Aid?

Gift aid is worth 25p on top of every £1 you give – so it turns a £4 donation into £5 and turns £10 into £12.50.  Because Royal Voluntary Service truly appreciates every £1 we receive, it’s really worthwhile Gift Aiding even the smallest donations. And as it costs you nothing and only takes a moment – why not!

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