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Find out more about volunteering at Royal Voluntary Service, call our team on 0845 608 0122, register your interest or search for local opportunities.

Men and women

Royal Voluntary Service welcomes volunteers, whatever your sex, to help older people all over Great Britain.

We have many varied volunteer opportunities to suit everybody. Depending on what suits your interests and the time you have spare who could volunteer your time to include gardening, befriending, driving, even taking someone to the football!

At Royal Voluntary Service we listen to what older people want and let them tell us what it takes to make their lives better. For some this could mean a regular hot meal or a lift to the shops and for others it could be a weekly catch up over a pint in their local. So talk to us today to see how you can make a difference.

However, less than a fifth of our 35,000 volunteers are male and we want to encourage more men to volunteer for Royal Voluntary Service to offer support to many older men and women who experience loneliness on a daily basis.

If your granddad, dad, husband, brother, boyfriend or anyone else you know is thinking of volunteering then let them know about our manhunt so they can volunteer today.