Let's end going home alone

Update: In December 2015, new research, assisted by The King’s Fund, identified family networks struggle to support older people leaving hospital. Read the results

Far too many older people are having to struggle on their own when they get home from a stay in hospital. That can lead to loneliness, not eating well, accidents like falls – and all too often, readmission to hospital. Yet a little help from a caring volunteer can make all the difference to recovery, and help them continue to live independent, fulfilling lives.

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Here's why we need to act now

We're calling for Home from Hospital support for every older person who needs it, so no one has to go home alone – and you could help, whether it's by volunteering yourself or by helping to spread the word.

Let's join together for older people and end going home alone.

The facts at a glance

See just how vulnerable an older person can be when they go home from hospital without support - and what a dramatic difference our volunteer help can make.

Lets end going home alone - facts at a glance

Find out more

Find out more

Read how Home from Hosptial support has seen a dramatic success cutting readmission rates.

Support the campaign

Support the campaign

Get behind us by spreading the word, volunteering or even making a donation. Or if you are a commissioner of services speak to us about how we can can work in partnership.

See the difference

See the difference

Hear how a Home from Hospital volunteer made all the difference when Alec came home from hospital.


In your area

Find your local Royal Voluntary Service and see how we can help.

Key facts at a glance

The good news is we're living longer. But we may get ill and hospital beds are scarce.  We often need support when we get home.

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£8 could provide...

...volunteer support to an older person in hospital as they prepare to come home.

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